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Reactivity & Dog Sports

Your guide to help your reactive dog and an introduction to Dog Sports with two great trainers! 

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Do you have a reactive dog and you feel like you need more support?

Have you ever been intrigued by the idea of Dog Sports?

If you have answered yes to EITHER of these questions then sign up today! 


This live masterclass will be full of tips and tricks to get the most out of your dog and ensure you build a long lasting and positive relationship 

Come and join us for this free masterclass on reactive dog and dog sports

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🐾 We're diving deep into the fundamentals of canine athleticism and teamwork.

🐾Join us as we explore essential strategies for building confidence, strengthening focus, and fostering positive reinforcement techniques with your reactive dog 

🐾From laying strong foundations in basic obedience to enhancing communication and trust between you and your dog


🐾 But it's not just about training—it's about having fun along the way. Discover how to create engaging and enjoyable experiences for both you and your dog

🐾 Q & A session for anything dog training related! 

Meet the trainers... 

Greg Pattison is the award-winning trainer behind Great Paws. With a lifelong passion for dogs, especially large breeds and reactivity issues, he has lived the experience with his reactive rescue dog Betty Boo (German Shepherd Dog). This lifelong passion for dogs and experiencing firsthand the life-limiting impacts for both humans and canines, that reactivity can have, led to Great Paws being a dog training business focused on helping those in similar situations with reactive-focused services and a unique Day Train Academy which is the only place like It to welcome reactive dogs actively. 

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Natalie Waller began working in the pet care industry in 2008 and soon found a love of helping families and their dogs to create a calmer home and build stronger relationships. Through the love of dog sports with her own dog, (Twiggy) she has come to realise the many benefits and  can see that she loves it too. As a qualified instructor with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainer and a Hoopers, Scent Detection and Mantrailing Instructor she hopes to help and assist many more families in the future through the world of dog sports!

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