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3 Scent Games for
Happy Dogs at Home 

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Short little videos for big wins in the comfort of your own home!

Is your dog a ball of energy and you would like to promote calmness?

Is the weather horrible and you don't fancy a walk this evening, or would you like to teach them an amazing trick to show off to your friends?

Through these short and easy to digest videos I can teach your dog (or puppy) to learn new skills through their amazing power of scent. In turn you will have a calmer, more focused and confident pup who will be eager to learn with a passion for scent work! 

The videos are broken down into easy steps and each one is no longer than 10 minutes packed with useful information!... So what are you waiting for?

  • Teach your dog how to find your keys when you are trying to get out the door
    and have no idea where they are!

  • Test their skills with a linear search and get them searching methodically in a line.

  • Get their nose down and tracking for hidden treats in your garden!

Enter your details below and we will email the videos right to your inbox!

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