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Canicross and canihike are both a great way to improve yours and your dog’s fitness, build an
incredible bond and get outdoors together to have some fun.


In both canicross and canihike you are attached to your dog by a lead and work together to navigate trails either running or hiking. For dogs over 11 months you can also encourage them to pull, giving them the satisfaction of a job as and make those hills easier for yourself!


Our qualified canicross coach, Lorna, is here to make sure you are equipped to keep yourself and your dog safe, avoid injury and above all have fun as a team.


Over both the canihike and canicross courses Lorna will guide you through core skills that you and your dog will need to learn. Including things like direction changes, changing pace and passing as well as supporting you to build up your fitness and confidence. These skills are vital to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the sport. We will build up distance each week on beautiful trails so that you get time to practice these skills together.

We will be offering canihike sessions for humans who would prefer not to run and younger dogs
over the age of 6 months who would like to get started on their canicross journey (for them we will be focussing on the skills but will not be teaching them to pull until they are over 11months old).


These sessions will focus on building up the skills needed for canihike and canicross but at a walking pace.


In addition, we will be offering total beginner canicross sessions for dogs over the age of 11 months for those wanting to build up to 5K and beyond!

You do not need any experience in running for either class and we will be able to provide you with kit to use during the sessions as well as advice and guidance on equipment and further training for both you and your dog.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get canicrossing!!!

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