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Puppy Training


In partnership with the amazing professionals at My Happy Hounds, the Leaps and Bounds Puppy Club was born.  A gap in the market was discover for easily accessible and flexible classes for new owners with busy schedules.   As dog sports enthusiasts we promote skills needed to progress into sports along with everyday skills for a happier and calmer puppy.


So why join Leaps and Bounds Puppy Club?

⭐ The club is progressive and runs every Saturday so you can just book on when you are free.

⭐ Each lesson is 1.5 hours which includes an 'ask the trainer' tea break, this also gives our pups time to soak in all those new skills.

⭐ Socialisation is a part of every lesson (when playstyles and breed size match).

⭐ You will be provided with a workbook to keep track of your progress and practice at home.

⭐ Our staff are fully qualified and friendly and we provide a safe learning environment.

⭐ With Leaps and Bounds you don't just finish puppy school at 6 months of age... you can continue with your pup until they are 1 year old. 

⭐ You will meet likeminded people and make friends for life. 

These wonderful pups have all gained the highest level in puppy club and worked hard to receive all their rosettes!

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