From 1-1 personalised training, group classes to private in-home training, I provide you with everything you need to develop a positive relationship with your dog.


  • Recall

  • Scentventure

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Hoopers (low impact agility)

  • In home tailored training

Dog Training Courses Teesside
Dog Walker in Darlington


I provide a bespoke dog walking service for Darlington.  All walks are 1-1 based to make the most of your dogs time spent with me.

 I can work on issues such as loose lead walking and recall but encourage humans to come on some of the walks to talk about techniques used. 


Tees Valley Dog Training pride themselves on the knowledge and the know how around puppies. If you are having 'teething problems' or would like to advance your pups skills and abilities please contact me. 

I also run a 3 step in home training programme for new puppy owners.  This programme covers everything from mouthing, jumping up, toilet training, basic behaviours and more!

Even if you are still in the early stages of 'thinking about a puppy' please contact me for all the advice and rights questions to ask your breeder. 

Puppy Training Darlington