Scentventure Dog Training near Darlington

Do you have a dog that's 100mph all the time? Are they distracted on walks or reactive?

Then Scentventure may be just what you are looking for...

Designed by the owner of Dogwood Adventure Play, Katie, Scentvenure is a new way of training your dog by engaging their most valuable sense, their smell! 

Each course contains 4 modules and combines elements of scentwork and adventure.

We take your dog through the basics of becoming a super sniffer and really engaging their olfactory system.


My courses are run on a Saturday at Dogwood.  To show your interest simply fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the link below and one of the lovely Scentventure Guides will be in touch shortly. 

Scentventure Dog Training.png


Scentventure is a complete lifestyle approach to dog training.