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Tees Valley Dog Training is the leading expert in dog sports
and puppy development in the North East

⭐  Canine Hoopers  ⭐  Mantrailing  ⭐  Scent Detection  ⭐  Puppy Development


Gone are the days of boring walks for your dog, why not promote an enriching life for them by giving them a fun 'job' to do.
A busy happy dog means stress free walks and a more chilled companion!

As a qualified Canine Hoopers instructor, Scent Detection handler and Mantrailing Global Instructor I'll get your dogs working their way to a more structured and enjoyable life.  

Dog Sports are for every dog and with a little bit of help we can assist you to calm down your 100mph dog and keep all four paws on the floor! 

Recently bought a puppy into your life?


I have studied with some of the top trainers in the UK including Steve Mann (Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy Author) and Veterinary Behaviourist Amber Batson so I can deliver top quality courses to assist with your little ones. 
Please head over to our puppy training page for more information.


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